Aquaponic Tomatoes: The Secret to Year-Round Harvests

Growing aquaponic tomatoes is a great idea for different reasons which we will discuss in this post. Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables worldwide. At the same time, aquaponics is a green food production method that produces plants and fish in one place or system. The system depends on a mutually beneficial relationship … Read more

The Essential Role Of Bacteria In Aquaponics Systems

Bacteria play a vital role in the aquaponics systems. The aquaponics system is one of the green solutions for food production. It has many environmental advantages despite its economic challenges. The hydroponic system is a system that is based on a mutual beneficiary relationship between fish and plants. But this relationship can’t be established without … Read more

How to Grow Microgreens in Aquaponics

Microgreens lately become popular both among expert chefs and the overall public. And aquaponics offers a sustainable and green way to grow plants. In this post, we will discuss how to grow microgreens in aquaponics systems, from basic knowledge to installing your thriving microgreen farm. Understanding Microgreens Microgreens are younger, gentle vegetables harvested at the … Read more

Is Orchids Food Good For Roses And Other Plants?

As an orchid owner probably you have a ton of orchid food. It is logical to ask: “Is orchids food good for roses and other plants!”. Understanding the content of the fertilizer is what matters rather than the brand or the label attached to it. Orchid food or fertilizer contains macro and micronutrients that can … Read more

Bird Nest Fern’s Yellow Leaves Solution

A bird nest fern also known as Asplenium nidus is a great houseplant because of low light tolerance. But why are your bird nest fern leaves turning yellow? In this article, I will answer this question in detail. Plus I will tell you what to do when your bird nest fern leaves start to yellowing. … Read more

Can Ferns Grow In Water?

Ferns are one of the oldest plants. So you wondering can ferns grow in water! Although they are considered hard to grow for most beginners. In this article, we will answer this question. And will lay out the guidelines for growing ferns in water. And the benefits of growing them in water. But before diving … Read more

Can Dracaena Grow In Water?

Dracaena is one of the most popular houseplants for it is low maintenance requirements and outstanding beauty. I know you are wondering: can dracaena grow and live in the water? Isn’t even greater if you can grow them in water. In order to further lower their maintenance requirements and lower the risks of pest infection. … Read more

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