Discover The Secret to Growing Lavender in Water

Lavender is one of the most valuable plants that you can grow. So knowing how to grow lavender in water can be a useful skill that will allow you to both multiply your existing lavender plants as a propagation method and a way for you to have lavender that is growing in water permanently If you want to take this route.

Water propagation is a practical and useful method for lavender and many other plants. So If you just want to grow your lavender in water for propagation purposes this article is for you. On the other hand, If you wish to grow your lavender in water as part of your water garden permanently I will give you all information you need to maintain and keep your lavender in water for a very long period of time.

Growing Lavender in Water as Propagation Method

There are two ways you can propagate lavender. Either you can do it in soil or in water. Water propagation has a higher success rate as long as you do it the right way.

Steps For Growing Lavender in Water

Choose a healthy flower-free stem: In order to make sure that the cutting will root in the water you have to cut it from a healthy stem. A healthy stem will have fresh and green leaves without any signs of disease. No brown, black, or yellow leaves.

Also, it is important to choose a cutting without any flowers. Because flowers will consume the cutting’s energy instead of being focused to grow the roots under the water.

Cut a 4-inch stem: Using sterilized scissors or shears cut a stem that is 4 inches long. A stem that is longer than 4 inches will not grow roots easily in water so stick to the 4 inches.

Prepare the cutting: Strip the lower 2 inches of the stem cutting from leaves.

lavender stem for water propagation and growth
A 4 inches lavender stem cutting prepared to be propagated in water

Choose the right water container: Any container that can hold water will work fine. But I recommend using a transparent container whether it is a vase, water cup, or bottle. The transparency of the container will allow you to observe the growth of the roots.

Place the stem in the water container: insert the stem’s lower two inches in the water while leaving the upper part outside the water. Make sure that there is no leaf touching the water.

how to put lavender in water
Lavender stem cutting placed in water
lavender rooting in water
Lavender rooting in water

How to Maintain Lavender in Water and Keep It Alive

Whether you want to use water as a permanent growing medium or as a propagation medium the following tips will apply for both goals. The only difference in the propagation scenario you will transform the plant into the soil when it starts to develop roots. While in permanent growth you leave the plant in the water while you following the bellow tips:

Changing the water: It is very important to renew the water because stagnant water will develop algae and water fungus which will cause root rot. Such a thing will kill your lavender. Changing the water weekly is the ideal practice as it is practical enough and at the same time will not allow parasites to grow in the water.


Whether lavender is growing in water or in the soil it needs bright indirect sunlight to survive and thrive. Put the water container in a location that gets bright indirect light throughout the day.

Avoid direct sunlight as it will burn the lavender leaves. Although do not put the container in a location that has low light as such thing will hinder the plant growth.


In case you want to grow lavender in water permanently; make sure to add liquid fertilizer to the water during the growing season. Stop fertilization completely in winter as lavender in winter will go dormant. This means the plant focuses its energies on resting rather the active growth.


Your lavender will grow in water through time and it will need pruning to encourage growth. Prune old and weak leaves. Also, make sure to not prune your plant excessively at once as intense pruning at once will shock the plant.

How to Transplant Lavender From Water to Soil

Lavender will develop roots during 3 to four weeks starting from the day you put the cutting in the water. Whenever you see the roots under water it means the plant is ready to be transplanted into the soil.

Before you move the plant to the soil prepare the soil. Choose a potting mix that is porous enough to allow excess water to drain out. An all-purpose potting mix will serve this purpose perfectly.

Using your finger dig a small hole in the potting mix to insert the roots in the hole. Gently cover the roots with soil. Then you can water your potted plant normally as your water your other potted lavenders.


Will lavender grow roots in water?

Yes, lavender will grow roots in water.

How long does lavender take to grow in water?

Lavender will grow roots in water during 3 to 4 weeks.

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