About Us

Hi there. I’m Mohamed Yousif… The guy behind CityandGarden.com

Gardening has been my hobby and daily practice since 2016. Since then I learned a lot about how to care for different plants through experience and research. I own and care for more than 200 plants. Some of them are in my outdoor garden, others are growing indoors either in pots or water.

The experience of having and maintaining those plants is so rewarding that inspired me to create cityandgarden.com to share it with the world.

It is my deepest wish for you to find in my writings the information that makes your garden a thriving project. I’m also the author of the book: Container gardening: A Step-by-step Practical Guide.

My mission for cityandgarden.com is to be the most reliable gardening source on the Internet through practical, concrete, and easy-to-understand and follow gardening tips and information.

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