Is Orchids Food Good For Roses And Other Plants?

As an orchid owner probably you have a ton of orchid food. It is logical to ask: “Is orchids food good for roses and other plants!”. Understanding the content of the fertilizer is what matters rather than the brand or the label attached to it. Orchid food or fertilizer contains macro and micronutrients that can … Read more

Can Orchid Potting Mix Be Used For Other Plants

Trying new experiments is a wonderful thing. Most probably you have an extra orchid mix. And you wondering whether you can use that orchid potting mix for your other plants. Since I am someone who loves to find new ways of doing things. I will not betray my values and tell you to not explore … Read more

How To Water Orchids In Bark?

The bark is one of the best growing media for orchids. So you are wondering: how to water orchids in bark! In this article, we will answer this question. And we will discuss the water needs of orchids. And how bark can satisfy those needs. Also, we gonna distinguish the types of orchids that may … Read more

How To Water Orchids In Moss?

Sphagnum moss is one of the best growing media for orchids. So you are wondering: how to water orchids in moss! In this article, we gonna answer this question. And we will discuss how moss reacts to water. Plus we will talk about orchids water needs. In order for you to understand both sphagnum moss … Read more

Can Orchids Grow In Soil: The Right Orchid’s Potting Soil

Orchids are unique plants. Therefore they need unique conditions to survive. The most important factor for orchids to survive is the potting mix. In this article, we gonna answer: “can orchids grow in soil?”, which potting mix orchids need. And the difference between regular soil and orchid soil. Can orchids grow in soil? Orchids will … Read more

Is Orchid With No Leaves Dead!

Regardless of whether you are an experienced orchid grower or a beginner. The question of “is orchid with no leaves dead” will cross your mind at some point in your orchid care path. Growing and caring for plants look simple. But actually it is not. There are different factors that determine your plant success. Those … Read more

Can I Use Orchid Bark As Mulch

Probably you used orchid bark for your orchids. And now you have the remaining bark. And wondering if you can use it as a mulch for your other plants. In this article, we gonna answer your question regarding whether you can use orchid bark as a mulch or not. And why people use bark for … Read more

Can I Take An Orchid On A Plane

You took care of your orchid for a long time. But now it is trip time. You wondering whether you can take your orchid on a plane. Enjoying your new destination without the need to leave your orchid is bless! In this article, we gonna cover how to take your orchid on a plane. And … Read more

Is Orchid Moss The same as Sphagnum moss

orchids need special potting media. So, there is no wonder you are confused whether the moss bags labeled as orchid moss is the same as sphagnum moss or not. In this article, we gonna discuss this question beside whether if sphagnum moss good for orchids or not. and when and how to use it. Returning … Read more

Orchids leaves Turning Yellow: Why, And What To Do?

I got a lot of emails asking me ” why my orchids leaves turning yellow”. It is a common problem for orchids growers. Actually orchids yellowing leaves can be caused due to different reasons. In this article, I will take you through the possible reasons why your orchids leaves turning yellow. And what to do … Read more

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