Can Regular Potting Soil Be Used For Succulents and Cactus?

Choosing the right soil for your succulents and cactus is the most important thing to do to ensure their survival. With all those different types of soil in the market. You wondering: can regular potting soil be used for succulents and cactus?!

This article will cover whether you can use all purposes potting mix for your succulents and cactus. And the difference between a regular potting mix and a succulent mix. And how to prepare your own cactus and succulents mix by using a regular potting mix.

Returning to our main question: can regular potting soil be used for succulents and cactus? regular potting soil can not be used without additives for growing succulents and cactus. because it has high water-retentive qualities. While succulents and cactus need low water-retentive potting soil with fast drainage properties. That said, let’s dive into the difference between regular and cactus potting mix and what you need to understand in order to give your succulents the best odds to thrive.

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Regular potting mix vs succulents potting mix

A regular potting mix produced to be used for most houseplants. However there are plants like orchids, succulents and others have their own special mixes. Because those plants need special soil properties.

The regular potting mix contains materials like peat moss, coco coir, pine bark, and perlite. Such a potting mix produced with water retention quality in mind.

Water retention ability came from using peat moss as the mix base material. While the regular potting mix has considerable water retention quality. It also drains well when compared to garden soil. Therefore such soil will work for most potted plants.

On the other hand, the succulents potting mix produced with water drainage quality in mind. Mix Producers use the same materials in the regular potting mix ( peat moss, coco coir, pine bark, perlite).

But they add to the same material coarse sand in big portion.

coarse sand gives the succulents and cactus potting mix high water drainage properties. which is exactly what succulents and cactus need.

how to prepare succulents and cactus soil

overwatering is the number one reason for the death of the potted succulents and cactus.

Therefore for successful cultivation, your either buy premixed cactus and succulent potting mix or make you own.

If you read the above section of this article most probably you understand that the most quality cactus and succulents are looking for in their growing medium (potting soil) is the fast drainage quality.

If you prefer to make your own succulent and cactus soil you need the following ingredients:

  • Regular potting soil.
  • Coarse sand.
  • perlite.

You also need the following supplies:

  • Measuring container.
  • Mixing container.

Take 2 parts of the regular potting mix and put it in the mixing container. Add to it 2 parts of coarse sand. Don’t use beach sand nor sand from your garden.

Because beach sand contains a high level of salts. And you don’t know what is in the garden sand.

You want to make sure you use clean and sterilize materials. Then add to the mix 1 part of perlite. Mix the three ingredients well.

Now you can use your new mix effectively for your cactus and succulents.

In conclusion

Succulents and cactus need potting soil that has higher drainage properties . while regular potting mix ( all purposes potting mix) focuses more on water retention.

Therefore regular potting mix can not be used for succulents and cactus for healthy cultivation. However, you can use a regular potting mix to prepare your own succulent mix with other ingredients ( coarse sand and perlite).

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