Can Cactus Soil Be Used For Succulents

Cactus is one of the succulent types. There are other types of succulents that are not cactus. That means every cactus is succulent, but not every succulent is cacti. Such fact lead us to the question: can cactus soil be used for other succulents? In This Article, we will discuss what actually succulents need from … Read more

Do Cactus Likes Coffee Grounds

With all the talk about coffee grounds and how it can help plants. You wonder: do cactus likes coffee grounds. Cactus is a simple and low maintenance plant. They are happy as long as you gave them the right potting soil, sunlight, watering, and other affordable conditions. So keep it simple. In this article, we … Read more

Do Cactus Produce Oxygen!

I Know that your cactus didn’t stop from surprising you. How it is a tough plant that needs a really low maintenance requirement. Is not that a blessing! But now you wondering “do cactus produce oxygen!”. Who doesn’t want more blesses! In this article, we gonna walk through how cactus breathe, how much oxygen it … Read more

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