How To Water Succulent Cuttings?

Succulents are easy to propagate. You can have many succulents from an established plant. So you are wondering: how to water succulent cuttings! In this article, I will answer this question. And also will tell you when your cutting will become established succulent. And how you should water them once they established a root system.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer for our main question as simple as this: how to water succulent cuttings? succulent cuttings that planted in the soil need a humid environment in order to grow its roots. Therefore misting the surface soil once the soil approaching dryness is what it needs.

According to your weather, you may water your succulent cuttings every 3 to 4 days. But it differs from climate to another. The more the dryness of your weather the more frequent watering you may apply.

succulents cuttings watered by misting
Succulent cuttings

How to water succulent cuttings when they don’t have roots

It is important to put your cuttings in a shaded and dry place for 3 days before planting it in the soil. In order for the cutting wound to dry. If you plant fresh cutting into the soil most probably it will rot.

Because it will absorb much water when your water the soil. Once you plant your cutting in the soil using a spray bottle mist the soil whenever you notice it approaching dryness.

You don’t need to soak the soil because such a thing will make the soil retain much water which is something unhealthy to your succulent cuttings.

Also, make sure to plant the cutting in a small pot. The bigger the pot it means more soil which means higher moister retention. Just use a pot that fits your cutting size.

How to water succulent cuttings after they established roots

Generally speaking, it will take 2 to 3 weeks for your planted succulents cuttings to form roots under the soil. But it depends on factors like the weather.

In summer succulent cuttings will grow faster. Because the summer is the growing season. While in winter succulents go semi-dormant. They rest rather than focusing on growth.

You know if your cutting formed roots or not by gently and carefully pulling the cutting to see if it is well fixed in the soil.

If you feel it is fixed in the soil that means your succulents cuttings formed roots. In such a case treat your new succulent as you treat your other established succulents in terms of watering.

Water your new plant by following the soak and dry method. Soak the soil until water drains through the drainage holes. And don’t water it again until the soil dries out completely.

you can tell if the soil dried out completely by inserting your finger through the drainage hole if you found it dry water it.

By doing so you encourage your new succulent to form a strong root system that will stand a longer drought period of time.

In conclusion

In this article, I hope I answered one of my reader’s most asked questions” how to water succulent cuttings?” before the succulent form roots mist the soil whenever the soil is approaching dryness. only water the surface soil.

After succulent cutting form roots. And this may take 2 to 3 weeks, water your plant whenever the soil is dried out completely.

And when you water it gives it a good soak until the water runs through the drainage holes.

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