How To Water Succulents In Moss?

Growing succulent in moss is not the ideal option. But it can be the most practical option when it came to arrangements. And growing succulents mainly for decorative purposes. So you are wondering ” how to water succulents in moss. In this article, we gonna answer this question in detail.

And discuss what actually succulents needs in terms of watering. And the water retention qualities of the sphagnum moss.

But before diving deep into the details will answer the main question as simple as this: How to water succulents in moss? The right way to water succulent that growing in sphagnum moss is by pouring the water in the sphagnum moss several times until the sphagnum moss fully absorbs the water. Also, make sure to use a container that has enough drainage holes. in case the container doesn’t have drainage holes pour the water out from the container after you water the succulent.

How sphagnum moss responds to water

Sphagnum moss mostly used in orchids. But because it is flexible and it can be attached to almost everything. You may use it to grow your succulents.

Sometimes we may find weird objects that can be super decorative. But we can’t put on it cactus soil for practical reasons. Here you can use sphagnum moss.

Sphagnum moss absorbs water well when it is not completely dry. If sphagnum moss is super dry it will have lightweight and it will not absorb the water (repel the water).

In such a case, you may need to soak it in water for an hour to retain its absorbent ability. But sometimes, you may find yourself unable to pull the sphagnum moss from the container for the nature of the container and the project.

I will discuss that later in the article. Also, sphagnum moss can absorb water that equals 20 times its weight. At the same time, it drains water quickly.

That makes us conclude that sphagnum moss retains enough amount of water and drain the excessive amount quickly. Also, sphagnum moss releases the water slowly through time.

Now you understood how sphagnum moss responds to the water. Let’s dive into the water needs of succulents. In order for you to know how exactly to water succulents that grow in moss.

What is succulent watering needs?

Succulents are native to the deserts. Where there are huge gaps between the rainfalls. So succulent adapted to such conditions through storing water in its stem, and leaves.

And your succulent is not an exception. So your succulents need enough water to absorb and retain it in its body. And equally, it needs enough drought time to use its stored water without stressing it with extra water in its roots zone.

The right way to water succulents that growing in moss

The best medium to grow succulents is a potting mix that contains enough inorganic materials and a percentage of peat moss or coir. But because sometimes we may get involved in a decorative project that will not allow us to use such soil.

We still can use sphagnum moss for our succulents. In the above two sections, we determined how sphagnum moss responds to water. And what the water needs of succulents.

From such understanding, you should water your succulents that growing in moss only when the moss is dried completely.

Although I mentioned that sphagnum moss when it is completely dry does not absorb water well. So you need to water your succulent several times during an hour.

The more your pour water in the moss the more it will regain its absorbent ability. Just make sure to use a container that has enough drainage holes in order for the excessive water to drain.

And don’t forget to empty the saucer from the drained water. If you are using a cup or any container without drainage holes, hold the container and pour the water out of the container after each watering.

You may wonder: how to know whether sphagnum moss is dry, in order to water your succulent! When moss is dry it became lightweight. You know by touching the sphagnum moss if you find it too light it means it is dry.

This is the only time when you need to water your succulent. With enough practice, you will be able to know when to water. And how many times you need to pour the water for the moss to absorb it.

Which type of water you should use to water your succulent

Rian water is the best water you can use to water your succulents that growing in sphagnum moss media. Because rainwater has a good pH level that succulents love.

You can collect rainwater in the autumn season, And use the collected water throughout the year. Also, distilled water is a good option if you currently don’t have access to rainwater.

Tap water is not a great option when it came to watering your succulents. Because it contains treated chemicals that will build up in the moss through time as salts.

Those salts make essential nutrients unavailable to your succulent. However, if you only have access to tap water, treated before using it. You do so by leaving it out overnight in an open container in order for some chemicals to dissipate in the air.

In conclusion

In this article, I hope I informed you about how to water your succulents that growing in moss. Just remember to only water your succulents only when the moss is dry.

Your succulent will tolerate drought. But it will not tolerate overwatering and continuous moisture. It needs a break from moisture between each watering.

When you pour water in the sphagnum moss it will repel the water and the water will drain quickly. Repeat the watering until the moss starts to absorb the water.

Stop pouring the water when sphagnum moss becomes heavy. It means it absorbed enough moisture. Make sure to pour the water out of the pot if you use a container the has no drainage holes. For more detailed information and a holistic perspective on caring for potted plants and mastering Container Gardening, Get my book Container Gardening: A Step-by-Step Practical Guide.

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