Living wall Guide

Living walls, a green wall or vertical gardens are common names for growing plants vertically. This method of planting has been known to mankind since Babylon time.

The hanging gardens of Babylon one of the seven ancient wonders of the world is actually a mix of living walls and living roofs.

It is the inspiration that inspired the modern living walls systems.

Since the 1900s architects start to implement and develop the living wall concept to the modern buildings.

Living wall image
Direct Energy Center Living wall

Living wall advantages

Green walls have both benefits to buildings that it is attached to and to the area around it. Those advantages include :

Building protection

Outdoor living walls protect the building from natural depreciation forces that harm the building through time. Such as ultraviolet radiation, temperature level fluctuations, and wind pressure.

Reducing noise

Also, outdoor green walls function as media between the building and the external environment. It has been found that buildings with outdoor green wall absorb less noise. Since the living wall reduces and reflects back the sound vibrations.

Although the level of the noise reduction depends on the material used to structure the wall and the density and the coverage of the plant’s foliage.

Increasing Energy efficiency

A vertical garden increases energy efficiency. Through decreasing buildings heat as it blocks direct sunlight from building surface in hot locations. And also plays as a shield for winds during winter. therefore it reduces the building energy consumption on heating and cooling.

Indoor air quality improvement

Plants in general filter air from pollutants such as dust and toxic gases. When you have an indoor living wall, its plants will absorb those contaminates.

Human well-being improvement

When you see the living wall word! probably you recall that living wall in the hotel lobby and the experience attached to it.

several Scientific studies found that continues human exposure to plants leads to improvement in his well being and mental health.

Space utilization

In places that have limited space living walls are extremely beneficial. As it didn’t require much space. with a vertical garden, you can bring nature home without compromising space.

Tips for flourishing living wall

with all those benefits it really rewarding to have a green wall. Keep reading to learn how to do it the right way.


When you choose a location for your green wall make sure that the spot gets enough sunlight. Such a site will give you more plant options to pick for your living wall.

Some plants varieties demand direct sunlight, some require indirect sunlight, others are shade plants. So make sure to choose a location that is suitable for your favorite plants.

Plants selection for living wall

Living walls can be a piece of art. And when it came to art, the advice is to follow your intuition.

It could be a simple green foliage living wall. Or a mix of different harmonized colorful plants that suit your place overall decoration style.

While you enjoying picking your preferred plants to give you the desired look. take into your account the following checklist:

  • The living wall exposure to light (it has direct sunlight, indirect light or it in complete shade).
    The plant you choose should be able to tolerate the green wall location.
  • If you prefer to choose different plants for your vertical garden. Make sure that the plants require the same light and watering.
  • Some plants do not tolerate crowding. They demand enough private space. don’t choose such plants unless the gap between the plants fulfills your decoration vision. 

Living wall Maintenance

Most manufactured living walls came with a self-watering system. which makes it requires less maintenance.

Although your vertical garden still needs some care. Mist the wall plants regularly using water and soap to move any bugs from the plant’s foliage. You don’t want those creepy little creatures to hinder your vertical garden from flourishing.

also, trim and prune unmanageable branches to keep your green wall fresh and in good shape.

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