White Powder On Paddle Plant! Solution

It is weird to see some white powder on your paddle plant. So you are wondering: why there is white powder on my paddle plant, and what I should do.

Don’t worry in this article I will tell you what is the reason behind such powder.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer for our main question as simple as this: why there is a white powder in my paddle plant? The white powder on the paddle plant is a substance which the plant produces in order to decrease water loss and protection from sunburn.

Why my paddle plant has a white powder

The first idea that came to anyone when he sees the white powder on the leaves and stem of the paddle plant is pests infection.

He thinks it may be mealy bugs. But in fact, this powder is a natural substance a paddle plant evolved throughout thousands of years to produce in order to survive in its native environment.

Plants do weird things in order to survive!

Think about it! The native habitat of the paddle plant is hot and there is a lack of water.

So the plant needs to do something to keep its stored water. Paddle plants store water on their leaves and stem.

And this white powder covers the leaves and stem in order to help to keep the stored water from evaporation. Since the weather is already hot.

Also, the white powder helps the plant to stay clean and pests-free. So such a white powder in your paddle plant is normal. And you don’t have to do anything about it. Just accept your plant as it is.

Is it natural powder or mealybugs?

Most probably the powder on your paddle plant is a natural thing. Because this phenomenon is common in paddle plants. Your plant is included.

But If you have doubts that it may be mealy bugs or any other pests. Simply using spray bootle spray the leaves. But don’t wipe it.

Just spray it by using the spraying bottle. If the powder is the normal plant’s powder it will not be affected.

But if it is mealy bugs the misting will wash the bugs. Also, you can gently clean the leaves with neem oil it will not remove the normal white powder if you did it gently.

What happens if I removed the white powder

As I mentioned earlier, such white powder is a natural mechanism that paddle plant uses to sustain itself. If you removed the natural powder the leaves will shrivel and curl.

If you removed the white powder it will not come back again, so the powderless leaves will become sick.

Although the new growth will come with its powder. So you are better to keep it as it is.

In conclusion

A lot of emails came to me asking why my paddle plant have white powder. I hope in this article I answered one of my reader’s most asked questions.

Simply the white powder in your paddle plant is a normal thing and you shouldn’t do anything about it.

It is a natural powder that the paddle plant produces in order to survive in its natural environment.

If you removed the white powder your plant’s leaves will shrivel and curl. Also, the plant will be prone to pest infections. So keep things as it is. For more detailed information about caring for potted plants and mastering Container Gardening, Get my book Container Gardening: A Step-by-Step Practical Guide.

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