Aluminum Plant Light Requirements

The aluminum plant is also known as Pilea cadierei or watermelon Pilea is a great houseplant for its wide range of light tolerance. But what are exactly the light requirements for an aluminum plant!

In this article, I will answer this question in detail. Plus I will explain why it needs sunlight in the first place. And how to give it the light it needs both indoors and outdoors.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer for our main question as simple as this: what are the aluminum plant’s light requirements? Aluminum plant thrive best in an environment that gets bright but indirect sunlight. But it relatively can tolerate low light compared to other houseplants.

Keep reading to know why the aluminum plant needs light and the signs of over and under lighting and what you should do about it.

Why aluminum plant needs light

Aluminum plants and all other plants need sunlight to conduct the photosynthesis process.

Photosynthesis is the process of turning water and carbon dioxide into a plant’s food (sugar) by using sunlight as an energy source.

But the intensity of the sunlight differs from one plant to another.

The aluminum plant is native to the rainforest. It grows in the forest layer where is low indirect sunlight.

This is what the aluminum plant evolved through thousands of years to cope with. Your plant has the same light needs.

How much light aluminum plant needs

If you are growing your aluminum plant outdoors locate it in a place that gets bright to low indirect sunlight ( partial to full shade locations).

Avoid placing your plant in a spot that gets direct sunlight as direct sunlight will burn the plant’s leaves and turn it either to brown color or cause discoloration.

Although make sure that the temperatures do not fall below 55 F in winter. Because such temperature degrees will cause plant death.

If you live in such a location it is better to plant your aluminum plant in a pot in order to bring it indoors in winter.

But give it a good bath of soap water in order to kill any pests before introducing it to your other houseplants.

On the other hand, If you want to grow your plant indoors make sure to locate it in a spot that gets bright but indirect sunlight.

Bright indirect sunlight will give your plant the best chances to reach its genetic potential.

Although your plant will tolerate low light conditions compared to most other houseplants.

But how to know it is too low light for your plant! Aluminum plant exposed to too low light will stretch towards the light direction.

If your plant did such a thing relocate it to a brighter location. An east-facing window is ideal for an aluminum plant.

Because it has only 1 to 2 hours of direct morning sunlight. And also note that the aluminum plant will love only the morning direct sunlight.

But this is the only exception. During the rest of the day, your plant will be guarded against direct sunlight in an east-facing window.

Avoid putting your plant in the south-facing window as such a side exposed to too much sunlight that your plant cant tolerate.

What if my place is too dark

As I mentioned earlier aluminum plant need light in order to produce its food.

Therefore, some kind of light is needed for your plant to sustain itself. Very low light or complete darkness will make the aluminum plant suffers.

But you can use grow light if you found yourself in such a situation. Grow light will be as effective as indirect sunlight.

In Conclusion

In this article, I hope I answered the question: “what are aluminum plant’s light requirements”. The aluminum plant will thrive best in a location that receives bright but indirect sunlight.

Although the aluminum plant will relatively tolerates low light conditions.

Avoid direct sunlight, as direct sunlight will burn the leaves and turn them to a brown color.

Also too little light will make the plant stretch towards the light direction. Which will make it less appealing.

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