Why Is My Flaming Katy Dying! And Solution

Flaming Katy is a tough plant that can tolerate little neglect. But now you facing the fact that your flaming Katy is dying! So you are wondering “ Why is my flaming Katy dying”.

There are many reasons that can lead to your plant’s death and suffering. In this article, I will lay down all the possible reasons. Plus I will tell you what to do in each case.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer for our main question as simple as this: why is my flaming Katy dying? Flaming Katy can die because of either inappropriate light, inappropriate watering schedule, low temperatures, chemicals, disease infections, or lack of nutrients.

Keep reading to know the exact reason behind your plant’s suffering.

Reasons why is flaming Katy dying

Below are the different reasons that may cause your plant to suffer or die. Take a good look to know which one is the problem in your case in order to take the right action.


Overwatering is the most common reason behind flaming Katy’s death. When you overwater your plant the roots became rotted.

This means the roots will not be able to absorb enough amount of water and nutrients as a result your plant will die.

Root rot is a serious problem and most of the time it can not be solved. Any way reassess your watering schedule.

If found yourself watering your plant too often without allowing the top half of the soil to dry out between the waterings most probably your plant is dying because of overwatering.

Leaves wilting and dropping is another sign that your plant is suffering from overwatering.

Adjust your watering schedule to the way that it allows the top half of the soil to dry between waterings.

If your plant doesn’t bounce back after few weeks it means your plant is struggling from severe root rot.

In such a case you need to pull the plant gently from the soil and inspect the roots.

Clean the roots from the soil and cut the black roots. Infected roots will be black and mushy. After you cut all the bad roots dust all the roots with fungicide.

Then repot in a new good succulent mix. The chance of your plant bouncing back after this surgery is not high.

But this all you can do in such a case. Just hope for the best.


Flaming Katy is drought tolerant succulent. Therefore if your plant is suffering because of drought, don’t worry it can be saved easily.

The sign of underwatering is leaves drop. Although the leaves drop can happen in the overwatering scenario too.

Therefore in order to make sure about the real cause reassess your watering practice.

If you have been neglecting your plant for a long period of time without giving it the water it needs most probably the suffering is due to underwatering.

Water your flaming Katy until the water drains from the drainage holes. And don’t water it again until the top half of its soil is completely dry.

Be careful to not compensate for underwatering by overwatering. You will make things worse if you did.

Cold temperatures

Flaming Katy will thrive and be in its best shape in an environment that has a temperature between 65 F and 85 F.

Although it will tolerate temperatures above such a range. But it will not tolerate temperatures below 50 F.

Cold temperatures can be the reason why your flaming Katy is dying. Therefore bring your outdoor flaming Katy indoors when temperatures fall below 50F.

A flaming Katy that’s suffering from low temperatures will lose its leaves.

Inappropriate light

Flaming Katy loves bright indirect sunlight. While it will benefit from 1 to hours of the morning direct sunlight.

But it will not tolerate the afternoon direct sunlight nor low light. If your plant is exposed to direct afternoon light the leaves will burn and drop.

Also if it located in a place that has a low light level its leaves will yellow and drop.

Therefore put your flaming Katy in east or west-facing windows. Such windows get direct morning sunlight. While getting bright indirect sunlight during the rest of the day.

This is what flaming Katy needs when it came to the lighting.

Lack of nutrients

What is good about flaming Katy is that it is not a heavy feeder. Giving your plant fertilizer twice a year during the growing season is enough.

But if you don’t feed your plant completely for a long period of time (years). This is can be the reason behind your flaming Katy’s death.

Use weak fertilizer for your flaming Katy. And only apply ¼ of the manufacturer’s recommended dose.

Always remember it is better to under-fertilize your plant than to overfertilize it. Because over-fertilization can burn your plant’s roots which can lead to its death too.


If you found yourself giving your flaming Katy the right watering, nutrients, light, temperature and you still seeing your plant suffering. Most probably your plant is exposed to chemicals in the roots area.

Those chemicals caused by tap water. Tap water contains treated chemicals that can build up in the soil over time.

Those minerals hinder the roots from absorbing the required nutrients. Therefore use rainwater or filtered water instead of tap water.

You can collect rainwater during autumn then using it to water your flaming Katy throughout the rest of the year.

If you currently don’t have access to either rainwater or filtered water, use tap water after you process it.

You process tap water by letting it sit in an open container overnight in order to allow some chemicals to be lost in the air.

Pests infections

Another reason that can lead to flaming Katy’s death is pests infections. Look into the plant’s leaves and stem if you found any trace of bugs or any other pests.

This means your plant is suffering from pest infection. Treat your plant by cleaning the leaves with alcohol or neem oil.

Then cut all the affected leaves in order to not infect the other leaves. After you do so move your plant to a place that has bright indirect sunlight.

Because low light is a great condition for those little creatures. Also, make sure that there is good air circulation around your plant.

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