Can Jade Plants Grow In Water?

The Jade plant is one of the easiest plants to grow and care for. So you wondering “can jade plants grow in water. In this article, we gonna answer this question. And guide you through how you do it, and the different methods of growing and propagating jade plants in water.

But to satisfy your curiosity we will answer the main question simply and then will dive deep into the details. Can jade plants grow in water: Yes, to propagate a jade plant in water put a stem cutting’s base 2 mm far from the water’s surface. Change the water every two weeks, Put the water container in bright indirect sunlight. Roots will be established in 4-5 weeks.

Jade plant water propagation vs soil propagation

Propagating jade plants by using soil as a growing medium is the popular and most used method. It has a fair success rate. Although using water propagation for a jade plant can be a more enjoyable exercise.

And it is faster than soil propagation. If you tried soil propagation and it didn’t work as you wish, it is time to try the water method. keep reading to know how.

How to grow and propagate the jade plant in water

There are two methods of jade plant water propagation. The first one is stem propagation. Cut part from your established jade plant’s stem ( see the below image).

The taken part should have at least 2 inches bare stem and at least 2 leaves. The second method is the leaf method.

showing how to prepare jade plant stem for water propagation
Preparing Jade Plant stem for water propagation

If you which to try the leaves method. Take from your established jade plant healthy leaves. You should take the leaf with its base ( the part that connects the leaf with the stem).

Both methods are valid. But from my experience, I found that stem water propagation has higher success rates. And also faster than the leaf method.

Whether you chose to propagate by the stem or leaves the following steps are for both methods:

Step 1: Allow the cutting to dry

Before moving your stem cutting or leaf to the water, allow the cutting end to dry. In order to not rot. Put the cutting in a warm and shaded place for a few days ( two to three days).

Step 2: Move the jade plant stem cutting or leaf to water

After the two to three dayes passed, Bring a vase or bottle that has a tight neck. Fill the bottle with water to reach the level that it is very close to but not touching the end of the leaf base or the stem-cutting lower end ( see the below image).

showing how to put jade plant stem in water for water propagation and growth.

The tight bottleneck helps your seedling not sink in water. If you didn’t found such a bottle you can use any water container. Just make sure that the stem is not sinking in the water.

By allowing a little space between the water surface and the end of the jade plant stem cutting the roots will grow faster to bridge the gap between the stem and water.

After the roots start to emerge and reached the water, don’t worry it will live inside the water just fine. Just make sure the stem is 2mm above the water’s surface, only the roots diving in the water.

jade plant rooting in water after 3 to 4 weeks.
After 4 weeks jade plant will etablish its roots under water

Step 3: Change the water periodically

Changing the water every two weeks is an ideal schedule to keep your jade plant fresh and thriving.

Moving Jade plant from water to soil

It will take 4 to 5 weeks for the jade plant to form well-established roots in water. If you want to move your plant to the soil rather than growing it in water. Take the jade plant seedling from water and put it in a dry, warm, and shaded place to allow the roots to dry out before planting it in the soil.

2 to 3 days is fairly enough. After that plant the new jade plant in a potting mix that has well drainage quality. And apply proper watering.

Caring for the jade plant seedling after moving from water


The jade plant is native to deserts. That means it needs less water when compared to other houseplants. But jade plant seedling needs more watering than established ones (1-year-old). Water your seedling every two weeks.


Jade plant seedling will love and appreciate bright but indirect sunlight. Therefore make sure to put it in a spot that gives it exactly what it loves.

As your jade plant starts to mature and become more established. It will need and tolerate more direct sunlight.

How long the jade plant can grow and stay in the water

You can either use water to propagate jade plants or to use it as a growing medium instead of soil.

Jade plants can grow and stay in water for years as long as you change the water periodically. There is no time limit for how long jade plants can stay in the water.

Most gardeners will hesitate to grow their jade plants in water. Because they think the roots will rot. But root rot is not caused by water itself.

It happened by a fungus that lives in soil. Those fungi normally in a dormant status. When the soil became waterlogged, they became active. Such fungi do not exist in water. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about root rot.

In conclusion

You can use water either to propagate jade plants and then move the seedlings to the soil. Or to use the water as a permanent growing medium. propagating Jade plants in water is funnier and faster.

Not all plants can be propagated and grow in water. Some plants like cast-iron plants can not be propagated nor grow in water because of the nature of their stem. But luckily jade plants have the luxury to grow in water. I wrote an entire chapter about growing plants in water in my book Container Gardening: A Step-by-Step Practical Guide. Download your copy now through this link to master water gardening and container gardening in general.

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