Growing Lemon Button Fern In Bathroom

Lemon button fern has what it takes to grow in your bathroom. Its small size and its tolerance to low light make it a good bathroom plant.

In this article, I will tell you how to grow a lemon button fern in the bathroom. We will cover the watering, light, fertilization, repotting, and pruning.

Can lemon button fern grow in bathroom?

A lemon button fern will thrive in the bathroom. Actually, it is the best location for your fern.

Because lemon button fern loves humidity. And your bathroom is the most humid room in your home.

Also, a lemon button fern will tolerate different light levels. It tolerates medium-low light.

Another reason why you may want to grow lemon button fern in your bathroom is it has a manageable size.

A matured button fern will not grow taller than 18 inches. Lastly, a lemon button fern will purify the air and increases the oxygen level in the bathroom.

All these factors make a lemon button fern a great choice for your bathroom.

But you need to take into your account some factors while growing your fern in the bathroom. Factors like watering and light.

So keep reading to know how to take care of your bathroom’s lemon button fern.

Caring for Lemon button fern in bathroom

Below are the caring tips specifically for a lemon button fern located in bathrooms.


A lemon button fern will thrive in soil that is consistently moist but not soggy soil. It will not tolerate even a little drought nor waterlogged soil.

The benefit of growing lemon button fern in a bathroom is it will need less watering. Therefore less maintenance compared with the ones located in other places.

Because in the bathroom the humidity is high. This makes low evaporation rate. This is a good thing, but you need to be careful to not overwater your plant.

Because overwatering will lead to root rot which is the number one reason behind houseplants’ death.

Only water your bathroom lemon button fern when the top inch of the soil is dry. Although your fern in a humid environment. But avoid neglecting it and letting the soil dry completely.

Such a thing will make the plant wilt and drop its leaves. While overwatering will cause the leaves to yellow and drop.


As I mentioned earlier lemon button fern will tolerate both medium and low light. But it will thrive in bright indirect sunlight.

If your bathroom has a north-facing window then your fern is lucky. A north-facing window is an ideal spot in your bathroom for your lemon button fern.

Because in this windowsill there is bright indirect sunlight during the day without any direct sunlight.

The second best spot in your bathroom for a lemon button fern is an east-facing window. In the east-facing window, there are only one to two hours of morning direct sunlight.

While your fern will be guarded against direct sunlight throughout the rest of the day.

Most probably now you are confused because I said lemon fern does not tolerate direct sunlight. While it is true but the morning direct sunlight is the only exception. Actually, your fern will benefit from it.

Those are the two best places in your bathroom for a lemon button fern. Avoid placing your fern in a south-facing window because such window has direct sunlight which will burn the fern’s leaves.

If you don’t have access to east or north-facing windows or even your bathroom is windowless don’t worry, you can put your fern anywhere as long as the spot is not exposed to direct sunlight.

A button fern will tolerate low-light situations. But it will not tolerate complete darkness. If your bathroom is completely dark you can solve the problem by installing grow light. But if it is not you have nothing to worry about.


A lemon button fern is not a heavy feeder. But if you want your bathroom fern to be in its best shape fertilize it with liquid fertilizer twice during the growing season.

And only apply ¼ of the manufacturer’s recommended dose. Remember it is always better to under-fertilize your fern than to overfertilize it.

Stop the fertilization completely in winter. Because in such a season a lemon button fern will go dormant.

It will focus on resting rather than active growth. So there is no need to fertilize during that period.


What is good about lemon button fern is its manageable size. The fern can reach 18 inches tall but not beyond that.

This quality makes pruning is not a necessity. But if you want to give your plant a haircut there is no harm. Also, you can cut the old dead leaves.


A lemon button fern will need repotting every two years. When you repot your fern use a one-size bigger pot.

If you repot it in a too big pot the water will stay in the root zone for a long period of time. Also, make sure to use a potting mix with good drainage properties.

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