Lemon Button Fern Light Requirements

Lemon button fern is great houseplants for their manageable size and tolerance to different lighting conditions. So you are wondering how much light a lemon button fern needs!

In this article, I will answer this question in detail. And I will discuss why a lemon button fern needs light in the first place. Plus I will tell you where to locate your plant in order to get the kind of light it needs.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer for our main question as simple as this: how much light a lemon button fern needs? Lemon button fern needs bright indirect sunlight. Although it will tolerate low light levels. But it will not tolerate direct sunlight.

Keep reading to know why your plant needs light. And where to put it.

Why lemon button fern needs light

A lemon button fern needs light to conduct the photosynthesis process. The photosynthesis process is the process by which the fern turn water and carbon dioxide into food ( sugar).

But this process requires energy to be conducted. The energy came from sunlight!

Lemon button fern is native to the rainforest despite it is succulent. In the rainforests, it lives on the floor of the rainforest, where there is no direct sunlight only bright indirect sunlight. And sometimes low light.

Because the rainforests tall plants block the direct sunlight from reaching the forest’s floor.

This is the kind of sunlight that lemon button fern evolved throughout thousands of years to cope with. Such light is enough for the plan’s food-making process.

Where to put lemon button fern to get the perfect light

As you know now, your button fern needs bright indirect sunlight. If you want to grow your fern indoors an east or north-facing windows are the ideal spots.

Because in the east-facing window there are only 1 to 2 hours of direct early morning sunlight. While the spot is guarded against the afternoon hot direct sunlight.

Don’t be confused! I know I said that lemon button fern will not tolerate direct sunlight! But the early morning direct sunlight is the exception.

Actually, your fern will thrive if it gets some of that light. Not only your plant we all benefit from such light.

On the other hand, a north-facing window is guarded against direct sunlight throughout the whole day. So it is also a great place for your lemon button fern.

Avoid putting your fern in the south or west-facing windows as those windows are exposed to too much direct sunlight. Because direct sunlight will scorch your button fern leaves.

Can lemon button fern take direct sunlight?

The general rule is that: The lemon button fern will suffer in direct sunlight. But there are two exceptions.

First, a lemon button fern will benefit from very early direct sunlight ( 1 to 2 hours).

Second, If you live in a place that has very weak sunshine during winter, you can expose your button fern to that sunshine. But it is not a must.

Otherwise, keep your button fern away from any direct sunlight.

Can lemon button fern grow in low light?

You may want to place your lemon button fern in your bathroom or any other low light place. The good news is you can do it.

A button fern is one of the houseplants that can tolerate low light.
But it will not tolerate deep low light nor complete darkness. But how you know it is too low light for your button fern!

If your plant located in a spot that allows it to casts a shade it means there is enough light for the fern to sustain itself.

But if don’t it is better to install grow light or at least keep the room light switched on during the daytime.

Also, not that a button fern located in a low light spot will consume less water when it compared with the one located in brighter spots.

Actually, this is a good thing because button fern needs consistently moist but not soggy soil. It will not tolerate drought even for a short period of time.

But, be careful to not let this make you overwater your plant. Because such a thing will lead to root rot. The number one reason behind the death of houseplants.

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