Happy Bean Plant Light Requirements: Peperomia

The happy bean plant is also known as the green bean plant or Peperomia Ferreyra is a succulent that needs low maintenance. But how much sunlight happy bean plant needs.

In this article, I will answer this question in detail. Plus I will tell you where to put your happy bean in order to get the best light. Also, we will discuss the signs of inappropriate lighting and what you should do about it.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer for our main question as simple as this: what are the happy bean plant light requirements? Happy bean needs bright indirect sunlight. It will not tolerate direct sunlight nor low light.

Keel reading to know why a happy bean plant needs sunlight. And where to put it in your home in order to make sure it is getting the perfect light.

Why happy bean needs sunlight

Happy bean plant needs light in order to give the food-making process the required energy.

This process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of turning water and carbon dioxide into a plant’s fold ( sugar).

This process is common in all plants. But the amount of light needed to conduct this process differ from a plant to another.

The secret for successful gardening is to know how your plant lives in its natural habitat then trying to mimic its natural habitat in your place as much as you can.

The happy bean plant is native to the rainforests. In the rainforests, it grows on the forest floor. The floor gets indirect sunlight because tall trees block the direct sunshine.

This is the type of light that happy bean evolved throughout thousands of years to cope with. This is the kind of light your happy bean needs.

How much light happy bean plant needs

As I mentioned earlier a happy bean plant will thrive in bright indirect sunlight. Therefore a north or east-facing windowsill is the ideal location.

Because such windows have bright indirect sunlight. While they are protected from the afternoon sunlight.

Although in the east-facing window there is morning direct sunlight. But don’t worry! Your plant will love such light but not the afternoon one.

Avoid putting your happy bean plant in the south or west-facing windows. Because such windows have direct afternoon sunlight which will burn your plant’s leaves.

Also, rotate your plant from time to time in order for all the plant’s parts to get an equal amount of light.

Can a happy bean plant take direct sunlight?

The general rule is that happy beans will suffer in direct sunlight. But there are two exceptions to this rule. The first one, a happy bean can get 1 to 2 hours of direct morning sunlight.

Actually, such a light will help your plant to grow well and fast. An east-facing windowsill has exposure to such light.

The other exception is the very weak winter direct sunlight. If you live in a place that has very weak sunshine during winter, you can put your plant in a sunny location. A south or west-facing windows are ok during winter.

But those are the only exceptions. Otherwise, keep your happy bean plant away from direct sunlight.

Can a happy bean plant grow in low light?

As I mentioned earlier happy bean plant needs some amount of sunlight in order to sustain itself. If your plant is located in a low light location it may suffer.

In such a case your plant may grow very slowly. And the leaves will lose their color. Also low light can make your happy bean plant grow leggy.

A happy bean that grows in low light conditions will find it difficult to absorb a normal amount of water. Such a thing can lead to root rot.

If you noticed one of those signs, just move your plant to a brighter location and your plant will bounce back quickly.

If you cant find a place that gives your happy bean the required light, you can grow it under a grow light. A grow light will be as effective as the brightest indirect sunlight.

In conclusion

In this article, I hope I answered the question: What is a happy bean light requirement. Simply locate your happy bean in a location that gets bright indirect sunlight.

And avoid direct sunlight because it will scorch the plant’s leaves. Also, the happy bean plant will not tolerate very low light.

Although it will tolerate medium indirect sunlight. If your place doesn’t have the required light, you can install grow light. It will fix the problem.

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