Happy Bean Peperomia Plant Is Dying! Solution

I know it is sad when you see your plant dying. But since you are here, I will tell you why your happy bean plant is dying and dropping leaves. We will discuss all the possible reasons. And most importantly I will tell you what to do to save your happy bean plant.

But before diving deep into the details I will put the answer to our main question as simple as this: Why is my happy bean plant dying? A happy bean peperomia plant can die because of either inappropriate watering, inappropriate light, a lack of enough humidity, chemicals, a lack of nutrients, or cold temperatures.

Keep reading to know the reasons behind your happy bean plant suffering and what to do to save it.

Healthy happy bean plants with healthy leaves growing under the right conditions.

Why my happy bean plant is dying

A happy bean plant may die because of different reasons, below are the possible reasons. Read with an open eye to know the real cause so you can take the right action to save your plant.


Overwatering is the number one reason behind a happy bean plant’s death. The right watering schedule for the happy bean is the one that allows the topsoil to dry completely between waterings.

So, reassess your watering practice. If you water your plant too often without allowing the top two inches of the soil to dry out before watering, most probably your happy bean plant is dying because of overwatering.

Also, note that a happy bean plant that is located indoors will consume less water when compared with the ones located outdoors. And happy bean plants will consume less water during winter unlike during spring and summer. So keep in mind those factors while you are watering your plant.

The signs of overwatering are leaves yellowing and wilting. In case of overwatering, you need to check the plant’s roots. Most probably your plant is suffering from root rot. Overwatering causes the roots to rot.

The solution to the overwatering problem is to pull the plant gently from its pot and get rid of the soil attached to the roots. The rotted roots will look black and feel weak and mushy.

Cut all affected roots. Then dust the roots with cinnamon or fungicide. After you do so repot your plant in new soil that has good drainage properties. A cactus mix will be great. Or you can make your potting mix by mixing two parts of peat and one part of perlite or sand.

It is always important to accommodate your happy bean plant in soil that has good drainage properties. Because if you water your plant the right way, But the soil is very compacted that doesn’t allow for excess water to drain fast it will cause root rot too.

Overwatering is a serious problem and there is a chance that your plant will not make it if the root rot is severe. But repot your plant and hope for the best!

A dying happy bean plant due to overwatering
Overwatered Happy Bean Plant


I hope this is what causing your plant suffering. Because it is easy to fix. If you have been neglecting your plant without giving it a good soak of water, Don’t worry! a happy bean that is dying because drought will bounce back quickly.

Reassess your watering schedule if you used to allow the soil to dry out completely most probably your happy bean is dying because of underwatering.

Also, a happy bean that suffering from drought will have wilted and crispy leaves. Remember happy bean plant needs slightly moist but not soggy soil. You achieve such a sweat spot by watering your plant whenever the top inch of its soil is dry.

If the underwatering is the problem, simply give your plant water until the water drains through the drainage holes. After all excessive water is drained you can put back the pot in its saucer. Within a shorperiodme, your plant will bounce back. For more information about how to water potted plants in general, and master container gardening download my book Container Gardening: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide.

Cold temperatures

A happy bean plant will thrive in temperatures between 65 and 75 F. And it will die in temperatures below 50 F. So, if your happy bean is exposed to such low temperatures, most probably your happy bean is dying because of cold weather.

Simply bring your plant indoors and your happy bean will recover. It may take time but over time your plant will bounce back.

Lack of humidity

Despite the fact that the happy bean plant is native to the rainforests. But it is not too demanding when it came to humidity. Average home humidity which is between 40 % and 50 % is enough for your happy bean plant.

But if your plant is facing a cold draft coming from an air conditioning device your plant will wilt and drop its leaves. Also, heating devices can do the same negative effect. Therefore keep your happy bean away from the air that comes from heating and air conditioning devices and your plant will be ok.

Lack of nutrients

A happy bean plant is not a heavy feeder. But it will thrive if it gets fed during the growing season. If you don’t fertilize your plant at all for a lonperiodme most probably your happy bean is dying because of a lack of nutrients.

Simply fertilize your plant twice per month during spring. And once per month during summer. Use all-purpose liquid fertilizer. And only apply ¼ of the fertilizer manufacturer-recommended dose.


If you are fertilizing your happy bean more often, more than I told you in the above section. Most probably your happy bean is dying because of root burn.

In such a case put your plant’s pot in the sink and let the water wash all excessive salts that accumulated in the soil. Let the water pour into the pot for five minutes. After five minutes make sure all water is drained through the drainage holes. Then put back your pot in its saucer. This will fix the problem.

Inappropriate light

Happy bean plant needs bright indirect sunlight. Although it will tolerate low light, it will not tolerate direct sunlight. If your plant is exposed to direct sunlight the leaves will burn and fall. In such a case move your plant to a place that gets only indirect sunlight. A north-facing windowsill is ideal.

On the other hand, if your plant is located in complete darkness it will wilt and lose its leaves. In such a case move your plant to a brighter spot and it will bounce back over time.

reviving a dying happy bean plant by exposing it to the right light
The right light for a happy bean plant


If non of the above reasons relate to your happy bean plant. And still, your plant is dying. Most probably the reason is chemicals that accumulated in the soil. Tap water contains treated chemicals that build up in the soil over time.

These chemicals hinder the plant’s roots from absorbing the required amount of moisture and nutrients. If you have been watering your happy bean with tap water. Don’t do it anymore. Instead, water your plant with rainwater or filtered water.

But first, you need to remove those chemicals from the soil. Put the pot in the sink and let the water pour into the pot for five minutes. After that make sure all the excess water is drained. Then put back the pot in its saucer.

In conclusion

I hope in this article I gave you the information that will save your happy bean plant. Just try to know the real cause behind your plant’s suffering. Then follow the appropriate action. Finally, potted plants need special care so you don’t reach the point where your plant is dying, this is why I wrote the book Container Gardening: A Step-by-Step Practical Guide. Get your copy today through this link.

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