How to grow and care for avocado

Growing and caring for avocado can be enjoyable activity for all ages; there is a lot of nutrition benefits related to avocado fruit, since it contains more than twenty vitamins and minerals, including potassium which is helps control blood pressure, to lutein which is good for your vision, no need to mention how tasty it is.

But before we go further and discuss how to grow avocado let me point out that seed grown avocado rarely produce fruits, in case it did it takes 10 to 15 years to see fruits, remember that commercial avocados that you may buy it from the store are grown from grafted branches, which helps to control the fruit outcome, So they are different than the naturally grown avocados, but you can still enjoy the growing process since you will be able to see the plant roots while its grows, just make sure to use clear class, the flowing steps will guide you to grow your avocado from seeds.

Prepare the pit

You do so by removing the  pit from the fruit carefully , that’s means without cutting it, then use water to wash the pit to clean it from all the remaining avocado fruit , you will see brown skin on the pit be careful not to remove it it’s the seed cover. Now you have your pit ready for the next step. 

Determine which seed end should be up and which the other end should be down

Remember that avocado pits have both bottom and top, its vital to know the difference, the bottom where the roots will grow from, and the top from which sprout will grow, the slightly pointier end is the top, and the flat end is bottom.

hang the avocado pit by using three toothpicks

bring three toothpicks and stick them in the slightly downward angle of the avocado seed, the toothpicks works as seed supporter, which allow it to be placed properly in the water class without falling down, the bottom of the seed (the flat end) will rest in the water when you fill the class, and the little pointed end which is the seed top will be up and free of water in order for the sprout to grow.

Avocado seed in glass of water Image
Avocado seed in glass of water Image

Place the seed in glass of water

You don’t want to miss the enjoyable part of your efforts, its pleasing experience when you see your new plant roots growing form the beginning so make sure to use clear water class, and it also will allow you to know when the water needs change, it’s important to change the water regularly, I recommend to change it every five days, this will prevent mould, bacteria and fungus growth, which they hinder the sprout process, windowsill with sunlight can be the perfect place to put it in.

Avocado seed sprouting process

Usually it takes 8 weeks for avocado seed to sprout. When it sprouting you will notice crack on the avocado pit after it dry out, this is the start of the sprouting, then the crack will go all the way down to the bottom of the pit, through the crack on the seed bottom newborn taproot will start to appear, the taproot will start to grow longer and form root branches under the water, eventually after the roots grown enough tiny sprout will emerge at the top of the seed. Always make sure that the taproot on the water never dry out this is vital for the life of your new born plant.

When and how to move avocado seed to soil

Wait for the stem to reach 15 cm then cut it back to 10 cm, by doing so you will encourage new growth, when it hits 15 cm again move it to pot that contain rich humus soil, leave the top half of the pit exposed,  avocado plant loves sun if you plan to keep it indoor, it is better to choose spot that get enough sunlight exposure (windowsill for example), in case you want to move your avocado plant outdoor make sure the climate is not freezing as avocado do not tolerate very cold or freezing climate as it is tropical plant, also make sure to protect it from heavy winds that may break it branches by planting it in sheltered spot.

Watering avocado plant

Water your avocado plant regularly but don’t over do it,  the soil should always be moist, if your plant leaves color starts to turn to yellow this sign of over watering, in this case allow the plant to dry out by not watering it for few days.

Pruning your plant

Pruning your avocado plant will encourage its growth and bushiness, just make sure to do it right, when the plant hits 12 cm tall cut top two sets of leaves, you do this each time the plant grow another 6 inches taller.

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