Star jasmine growing and caring guide

Star jasmine is a fragrant flower also called confederate jasmine or Chinese jasmine, as the former name shows it is native to China and eastern and southern Asia. Due to its intense scent and trainable nature, it can make your garden environment more comfortable, enjoyable and decorative.

Confederate jasmine can grow on trellis, walls, fence, as ground cover or you can use it as a beautiful border. Thanks to its versatile nature. Also, it has another name that interesting (Traders compass). The story behind it is that in ancient Asia people used to believe that, it can direct traders in the right direction if the traders have noble character.

star jasmine plant
Star jasmine plant

It is ok to plant star jasmine at any time of the year, you can do so by cutting. This plant is flexible that you can use it for many purposes, as you wish. Therefore, train it and raise it according to your purpose.

If you want star jasmine as ground cover; make sure to plant each plant five feet apart from each another. By doing so you ensured that each plant has enough space to grow freely and reach its growth potential. And at the same time, you will have bushy fragrant ground cover.

Your plant is a climber. You can train it to cover fence, garden arch or whatever arch that you choose. All it needs is training and supporters to give you your imagined shape.

This fragrant plant works well also as indoor potted plant. Just make sure that it has proper air circulation around it when it is indoor. It needs each day 2 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. So the south-facing window will be a proper spot for this low maintenance house plant.

Star jasmine watering

Star jasmine is neither drought tolerant plant nor a water greedy plant. The equation is that the more direct sun it gets and the weather is hotter the more water it needs.

For the hotter seasons you can water it twice a week. in other seasons once a week is enough. But as I mentioned above the watering depends on the weather temperature and the direct sun exposure, so make your watering schedule in accordance with thosetwo factors.


As I discussed that star jasmine is neither drought tolerant plant nor water greedy. Therfore use well-drained soil when you choose to plant it in container. And make sure that the container has a drainage hole on its bottom.


Usually, star jasmine does not need fertilization. If you wish to fertilize it anyway use a regular fertilizer. This easy to maintain plant does not need special fertilizer.

Star jasmine flowering

The stars of the star jasmine blooms at spring or midsummer. The blooms come with pleasing scent that can be last for couple of months.

In case your plant did not produce flowers; that means the plant may developed a wide root system that grew beyond the container capacity.

you can decide that this is the issue; if your star jasmine has been in a relatively small pot and it was there for a long period of time, If this is the case simply transplant it in larger pot.

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