Dipladenia and Mandevilla caring guide

Dipladenia is tropical plant native to south and Central America more specifically its origin backs to Brazil, Rocktrumpt is another common name for Dipledenia. this plant is one of the favorites for most gardeners for outdoor planting, and it could be suitable for indoor garden too, it won its status in gardeners community due to … Read more

Star jasmine growing and caring guide

Star jasmine is a fragrant flower also called confederate jasmine or Chinese jasmine, as the former name shows it is native to China and eastern and southern Asia. Due to its intense scent and trainable nature, it can make your garden environment more comfortable, enjoyable and decorative. Confederate jasmine can grow on trellis, walls, fence, … Read more

How to grow and care for avocado

Growing and caring for avocado can be enjoyable activity for all ages; there is a lot of nutrition benefits related to avocado fruit, since it contains more than twenty vitamins and minerals, including potassium which is helps control blood pressure, to lutein which is good for your vision, no need to mention how tasty it … Read more

Air plants: How to grow and care for Tillandsia

Air plants are among the easiest house plants to grow and to take care of, it is good a start for new gardeners and busy people who don’t have enough time to care for demanding plants, and at same time they want to enjoy plants company, Tillandsia is the more sophisticated name for air plants … Read more

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